Latest Major TCL Awards

EcoVadis 2024 Gold Award for Sustainable Practices
TCL, a pioneer in display technology across feature-rich smartphones, tablets, and connected devices, has been awarded the prestigious EcoVadis 2024 Gold Award, placing it in the top 5% of all assessed enterprises. This Gold award underscores the company's unwavering commitment to sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

For over a decade, TCL has undergone rigorous evaluations by EcoVadis, the world's largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. The assessment includes Environmental policies, Labor and Human Rights safeguards, Ethical Practices, and Sustainable Procurement initiatives.

TCL's aggregated score places the company at the forefront of the industry – the overall score of 73 highlights TCL's commitment to sustainability and CSR excellence. TCL´s top performing sustainability assessment theme is Environment with a noteworthy Advanced Carbon Management level.
The EcoVadis Gold Medal confirms our commitment to continually improving sustainable business practices.

It reflects TCL's enduring pledge to humanize technology while living up to our corporate social responsibilities through technological innovation.
Aaron Zhang
CEO of TCL Communication
A Comprehensive Sustainability Commitment
In a pledge to set the industry's benchmark, the TCL Sustainability Action Plan fosters sustainable developments, including overarching design, sustainable product innovation, environmentally friendly growth, inclusive ecology and more.

A significant CSR commitment is the company's Carbon Neutrality Plan, announced at the TCL Global Ecosystem Partner Conference.

TCL is committed to achieving a carbon peak by 2030 and operational carbon neutrality by 2050.

The establishment of the TCL climate change working group and the carbon neutral planning chart are set to ensure clear responsibilities and accountability. To achieve these goals, a three-step carbon management and reduction strategy covers carbon investigation (research, goal setting, and solution), carbon peaking (building capacity, taking action to reduce carbon emissions), and carbon neutrality (how to sustain momentum to continually reduce carbon emissions).

CES Awards 2023-2024
Since the unveiling in 2021, TCL has consistently advanced the unique TCL NXTPAPER technology that bridges the gap between smart devices and e-readers culminating in the introduction of NXTPAPER to TCL smartphones in 2023. TCL is proud to announce its TCL 40 NXTPAPER smartphone, first launched and currently available in Europe, has been honoured with the CES 2024 Innovation Award for Mobile Devices. Celebrating this recognition, TCL is now further pushing the boundaries of innovation with even more advanced technology and continue making strides in humanizing technology.

EISA Awards 2023-2024
Recognized as Europe’s foremost authority on audio-visual innovation, the Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) has awarded TCL three distinguished awards, recognizing TCL’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of display technology.

For its breakthrough proprietary technology, TCL was awarded “EISA HOME THEATRE MINI LED TV 2023-2024” for the TCL QD-Mini LED 4K TV 65C845, acknowledging its superior performance when it comes to best Home Cinema experience.

Additionally, TCL excels in the QLED category, with two TVs receiving prized accolades: The TCL QLED TV 55C745 was recognized for its exceptional game play enhancements, as the “EISA GAMING TV” while the TCL QLED TV 98C735 was outstanding in the XL screen category, taking the title of “EISA GIANT TV 2023-2024”.

A' Design Awards

Golden A’ Design Award
for Circular Economy and Regenerative Design
TCL's ground-breaking sustainable art installation, TCLGreen, created jointly with world-renowned artist Kevin Chu, has been awarded the one and only Golden A’ Design Award for Circular Economy and Regenerative Design Category 2022-2023.

First launched under the global #TCLGreen campaign, the TCLGreen sculpture illustrates TCL’s ESG story and the key challenge of products electronics recycling in a creative manner with over 1,000 upcycled and discarded electronic circuit boards supplied by TCL. Fusing sustainable physical art, interactive art and metaverse art, the one-of-a-kind installation illuminates at night by leveraging photovoltaic panels to convert outdoor lighting collected in the daytime into light sources.

We are proud to be recognized by the A’ Design Award, one of the world’s largest, most prestigious, and influential international design awards.

In addition to design excellence as empowered by innovation and technology, TCLGreen represents our commitment to inspiring greatness and creating a greener planet for all. As a global technology company and a responsible corporate citizen, TCL has long embraced sustainable development with our innovative technology and clean energy solutions.
Tiago Abreu
Head of Design Innovation Center, X-Lab at TCL

Red Dot Award 2023
New TCL S64 Series Home Theatre Soundbar has won the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design in 2023, reinforcing TCL's expertise in developing outstanding home entertainment solutions for consumers across the globe. Established for over 60 years, The Red Dot award is a highly recognized international endorsement, and the benchmark for outstanding design. Receiving a distinction for its design quality and degree of innovation, the TCL S64 Series Home Theatre range is comprised of two models in Europe, created to fit any living space.

The compact and mighty 3.1-Channel TCL S643W packs an impressive punch with the same 70W bass subwoofer for immense depth of sound. With three full-range speakers providing larger sound output, the central speakers enhance a better dialogue listening experience.

Likewise with the nifty 2.1-Channel TCL S642W, two surround sound channels and a 60W subwoofer allow listeners to enjoy strong bass and feel distinctive sound quality, far superior to other single soundbars without a subwoofer.

TCL Is also proud that its innovative sustainable art installation, #TCLGreen, created in collaboration with world-renowned artist Kevin Chu, has won the coveted Red Dot Design Award for Brands and Communication Design 2023.